100% Vegetable Tanned Leathers

Zappa Curtidos is making some of the most amazing vegetable tanned leather in the world here in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico.


The state of the art tannery opened in 2016, complies and exceeds with all local, national and international guidelines and regulations for leather tanning is an ethically social responsible company.

Zappa Curtidos uses artisan leather formulas and years of leather tanning experience, to manufacture one of a kind, soft, smooth, supple vegetable tanned leathers that are used in premium quality handbags, luxury leather goods, footwear, and leather fashion applications. 


Working with cowhide and sheepskin, using only natural tanning ingredients to transform the hides into luxury, unique leathers with a extra special “green” appeal due to the elimination of chromium, metals and inorganic acids in the production process.

Artisan crafted vegetable tanned leather from Zappa Curtidos offers the exclusivity of Old World craftsmanship and the ultimate luxury of vegetable tanned leather, where every piece is unique, adding value to your products.

The soft, naturally vegetable tanned, metal free leather, in fashion colors and textures, is the perfect long lasting material for your high end handbags, leather goods and footwear, that   improve with age as the leather will develop a beautiful “patina” over time.


Until now, vegetable tanned leather of this quality has only been available from Italian tanneries.

Traditionally, vegetable tanned leather is known for use in soles, belts, equestrian harness and tack applications, and hand tooled leather, it was too hard and thick to be used in high end leather goods, footwear and handbags.


Truly a luxury, metal free, more “ecological” leather for the social conscious luxury consumer.

We believe our vegetable tanned leathers are some of the best leathers on the planet.

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