About Us

The Iwan Consulting Group has the goal of facilitating business between Mexico and interested international businesses.

We bring over 30 years experience listening, analyzing, creating, negotiating, communicating and working with Mexican companies in global markets and cultures, including; North America (USA, Mexico, Canada), Asia Pacific (China, Philippines,Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea), South Asia (India, Malaysia, Thailand), Asia (Russia, Turkey),  Europe (Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland, England).

Activities have included:  new market research and investigation, sales and marketing, networking (private, academic and government contacts), managing agencies and distributor networks, negotiations, strategic alliances and joint ventures, start-ups, cultural training, liaison and communications, international representations, strategy, planning, implementation of innovation and the restructuring of existing business models.

The advantage of living in, working in and fully understanding the complex business cultures of the USA and Mexico, allows the Iwan Consulting Group to identify and advise you on how to identify and control risk areas that might be overlooked or ignored during initial meetings and subsequent negotiations and communications.

Best Results in Mexico = Right People + Reliable Information + Clear Communications